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Junk Mail

Did you know that over half of US junk mail ends up in landfills? According to the Data & Marketing Association, the volume of direct mail in 2016 went down to 149.4 billion, but direct mail as a percentage of all mail went up. If the wasted trees weren’t reason enough, don’t forget all the carbon emissions manufacturing, printing, and transporting these millions of tons of unwanted mail around the country every year!

Here are a few ways to get your name off those pesky direct mail and catalog lists:

Opt Out Prescreen will get you off the list for pre-approved credit cards, which is an important place to start since financial services are the leading users of direct mail. DMA Choice, and National Do No Mail List can remove your name from other direct mail lists.  DMA Choice has a $2 processing fee, but we felt like it was worth it to get off most direct mailing lists for ten years.

Only 42% of catalogs received in the mail are actually read! When specific catalogs show up in the mail, you can remove yourself from their list on Catalog Choice. If you’re unable to find the catalog or newsletter you are receiving on Catalog Choice, you can always reach out directly to the customer service for that company and ask to be removed from their mailing list.

Another way to save paper is to opt out of receiving a hard copy of the Yellow Pages. We also changed our billing preferences to paperless and changed our privacy preferences to stop receiving marketing mail from Bank of America. Other banks have this option too, like Chase.

For most of these websites, you can add multiple addresses, so feel free to add anywhere you’ve ever lived so your junk mail doesn’t end up in someone else’s trash bin either. It can take up to several months to see the amount of junk mail in your mailbox decrease, but after making these changes, we get next to no unwanted mail anymore.

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Disclaimer: We receive no financial compensation for any of the products recommended or shared anywhere in this blog. 

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