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The shower may not seem like a big source of waste, but think about shaving cream aerosols, disposable razors, and how convenient it is to toss empty shampoo bottles in the bathroom trash instead of rinsing and recycling them – the list goes on and on!


Because we’ve had some mixed results shaving with safety razors, we switched to this razor brand, Preserve, since the plastic handles are made from recycled yogurt cups. Since aerosol cans are so hard to recycle, we recommend using an organic shaving soap bar. When you’ve finished shaving, soothe your skin with an organic shower lotion bar.

Shampoo and Conditioner

You can switch to organic shampoo bar soaps instead of liquid shampoo, which comes in plastic bottles. Lush also has lots of “naked” products, like shampoo and conditioner bars. Additionally, all of their plastic is 100% recycled and recyclable packaging, and if you use 5 containers and return it to a Lush store, you get a free face mask!

Some stores also have refillable bottles for shampoo and conditioner, or companies like Plaine Products have return programs for shampoo, conditioner, and face lotion. For lotions, lotion bars like this one also work well. If you’re in the Bay Area, is a local refill personal care product program with home delivery and shipping.

After using natural shampoos, hair can be a little dry and brittle. With a wooden wide-tooth comb, brushing an apple cider vinegar rinse and some diluted argon oil can help to condition your hair.


Instead of liquid body wash in a plastic bottle, you can use EWG-verified organic body bar soap made with sustainably sourced palm oil. You can ditch your plastic loofah for this natural, compostable sea sponge. We like this body brush, organic body scrub, and natural loofah for some gentle exfoliation.

Dry Shampoo

On those unfortunate mornings when there just isn’t time to wash your hair, try out either of these organic, biodegradable, non-toxic dry shampoos.

Face Wash

There are many options for reducing waste in your other products as well. For face wash, you can start using bar soap like this organic face soap. Plaine products (see above) also has a face wash. You can also just look out for face washes that come in glass bottles, as glass is recyclable and non-toxic. When you’re washing your face, treat yourself to this set of high-quality organic cotton washcloths!


For saving water in the shower, taker shorter showers and use a high-efficiency, low-flow shower head. Change out your plastic shower liner with this washable, duck cotton shower liner.


Although showers are more water-efficient, sometimes a bath is just the thing after a long day. Mix in a bit this bulk Epsom salt, and add a few drops of organic essential oils.


As we explained in our laundry and clothing posts, organic cotton is the best material for a bath towel. Because they get so much use and are such large items, they shed a lot of fabric when they are washed and dried. If your towel is made of a synthetic material, those small particles of fabric become microplastics, released into our waterways from your washing machine.

For more eco-friendly shower ideas, check out our Bathroom and Shower board on Pinterest!

Disclaimer: We receive no financial compensation for any of the products recommended or shared anywhere in this blog. 

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